Raw materials

The planet's best tobacco

Only natural and quality tobacco: This is the ethos of UTF Group Inc. We chose three most important, to us, habitats of quality tobacco varieties on three continents: North Carolina (North America), Brazil (South America), and South African Republic (Africa). It’s not just the marvelous nature, stable temperatures, and optimal humidity. In those places, the latest technologies of tobacco industry are applied from seed planting till harvesting. Amazing people—international experts with a unique experience Michael Dean Rose, the founder of American company Dean's, the seventh-generation farmer; Robert Jones, President of Tabacum Interamerican, Brazil; three experts with Alliance One (North Carolina)—take part in the blend development four our trademarks. Their aggregate job experience in the international tobacco industry totals over 135 years.

Leaders only

To produce other components for our cigarette products, we welcomed leaders in their narrow industries and chose the best value for money. For instance, filter tips are supplied by TANN PAPIER, Austria, a leading tipping paper manufacturer; Glatz, Germany, delivers rolling paper. Polypropylene film comes from Italy and Malaysia; glue is supplied from Germany, corrugated boxes from Latvia, and packages from Lithuania. Like a complex beautiful puzzle, we collected the best of the cigarette industry to offer you exceptional products.

UTF Group Inc. Exceptional in every respect.

Union Tobacco Factory
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