Manufacturing complex

UTF Group Inc.’s manufacturing facility is based in Kaliningrad, a modern port city in the Baltics. Its proximity to Europe allows choosing the best constituents for cigarette production with the ultimate price/quality ratio. And even far-away American, Brazilian, and African tobaccos go by sea to us for three weeks the longest. Our raw material storage facility has a great smell of real tobacco: Some people smell vanilla notes, others smell prunes and wild berries, the sea or a spicy bouquet of a tobacco plantation.

The cutting-edge equipment by uncontestable industry leaders is our basic principle of choosing a partner. HauniGmbH (KörberSolutions), a German company, produces cigarette making and filter making machines for us. For instance, the Protos 1C is a high-speed single-rod cigarette maker which produces 10,000 cigarettes per minute. All the machines have state-of-the-art laser ports for perforation and nicotine & tar content reduction in the exhaled smoke. Three lines by Focke, Germany, pack our cigarettes in three package sizes (King Size, Queen Size, and Super Slim).

Our factory makes monoacetate filters of all sizes (King Size, Queen Size, and Super Slim). In June 2017, we launched the production of five types of compound filters in King Size and Queen Size. Our plan is to launch a full cycle leaf tobacco and stem processing in Kaliningrad (using Hauni equipment with the company professionals participating). That will allow UTF Group Inc. to be in full control of quality of the blend produced and respond to the customer demand with even greater flexibility by offering you just what you need now.

UTF Group Inc. Exceptional in every respect.

Union Tobacco Factory
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