Staff policy

UTF Group Inc. is an actively developing company with employees across the globe. We work with tobacco suppliers from the Americas, Africa, the UAE, manufacture cigarettes in Kaliningrad Region, arrange sales in over 30 cities and towns of Russia. And this is just the beginning.

We have big goals going forward but we cannot achieve them without a strong and united team. We know that “business is people” and create every condition to develop the potential of each and every employee. We are open to smart energetic people who love their job. Contrary to stereotypes, non-smokers might join our company, too.

We do not promote smoking as lifestyle but produce high-quality products for consumers that have made their conscious choice themselves. We totally support our employees and give them all opportunities for career success.

Union Tobacco Factory
Union Tobacco Factory Group Inc. (UTF Group Inc.) - производитель сигарет и фильтров. В портфеле 11 брендов сигарет. Дистрибуция по всей России. Исключительны во всем.
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